Moments Men

  • Moments Men

Men's Deluxe Retreat (formerly The Works)

  • A complete men's grooming experience, including our Deluxe Haircut experience, Men's Manicure, Men's Pedicure, and 15 Minute Chair Massage services.

    (including tax and gratuity) - $160

Men's Spa Retreat

  • 15 minute Neck and Shoulder massage, Deluxe Haircut and a Men's Manicure service. The price includes tax and gratuity.

    (inc. tax and gratuity) - $100

Men's Refreshing Retreat

  • Our Men's Refreshing Package includes our Deluxe Haircut experience AND 15 minute chair massage. Price includes tax and gratuity.

    (inc. tax and gratuity) - $75

"The Deluxe" Grooming Experience (formerly The Works)

  • "The Deluxe" (formerly The Works) includes a moisturizing Paraffin Hand Treatment, energizing Shampoo & Conditioner, steamed towel Mini-Facial, Scalp and Hand Massage, Haircut and Styling!

    45 minutes - $46

Just a Cut

  • Shampoo, Haircut and Styling.


Men's Manicure

  • Improve the look and feel of your hands and nails with our professional nail grooming service!

    Men's Manicure - $20

Men's Pedicure

  • A relaxing foot massage and grooming service --the perfect treatment for your feet!

    Men's Pedicure - $45

Full Body Massage

  • Performed in Moment's Spa, a massage is the perfect compliment to any Moment's Male service. Price includes NJ Sales Tax.

    $48.15 - $80.25